Title Panel

The title panel consists of a 24" x 36" colour
inkjet print, dry mounted onto white Gatorfoam* and heat laminated. The design is an amalgamation of photographic elements processed in Adobe Photoshop and merged with vector graphics which were created in Adobe Illustrator. The fonts used in the logo reflect the divided nature of Berlin during the Cold War: "Amarillo USAF", "Soviet" and "Distress" (to reflect the Berliners.) The tag line is done in "Violation" script font and positioned on the Wall to represent the voice of the civilians - whom are the focus of this exhibit.

The photograph is taken in the early 1980s from the West side of the Berlin Wall. Between the wall and the building on the other side lies the "Death Strip", a watchtower is visible in the back ground - one of the recurring elements in the exhibit.

the photograph with logo prior to Photoshop and Illustrator flourishes

*Our original choice of material to dry-mount onto was HIPS adhered to Coroplast
with contact cement, however, we found a supply of Gatorfoam which was within the budget. Gatorfoam will not require any assembly, is slightly lighter and the edges will finish cleaner than the corrugated plastic.