Panels VI - Mounting

Today was a big day for us as we finally reached the point where we were ready to mount all of our panels to the walls. It was exciting to see the space turn the corner and transform into an exhibit and feel less like a work in progress. We used industrial grade velcro with an adhesive backing to adhere the panels onto the walls. The velcro turned out to be incredibly strong and more than capable of bearing the weight of even the larger GatorFoam panels, even when cut as small as a 3" strip. Heres what it looks like so far!

Grant trimming the large printed photo to fit.
It is always good to have a certain amount of play with really large panels just in case measurements change. -Grant

Wall sized photo of a "Death Strip" ready to mount.
There are 1/2" spaces in between each panel. These areas were painted black and will blend the photo elements and their black Gatorfoam substrates together nicely. With photos of this size, it is better to gap them because any amount of misalignment will stand out if the edges are flush mounted.

"Blackout" stripes will dry for 24hrs, as will the adhesive on the Velcro backings to ensure proper adhesion and full strength.

Applying the industrial strength velcro strips.
Again, give yourself a little play in all directions with the placement of the Velcro. This will give you a little leeway in terms of hanging everything square, flush and level, both to the floor and surrounding elements.

An example of the mounted 2' x 3' panels.

I am hoping that G. took a photo of the finished big picture wall, it turned out quite well...

This is the best one I took today, pre-blackout stripes. -G.