Painting II - Priming & First Colour

The original paint in the Governor General's quarters of the Diefenbunker. It was unfortunately masked and applied poorly. One coat of high quality primer used to cover it up.

Most of the walls consist of asbestos-concrete panels with ribbing at semi-regular intervals. The seams between panels had to be painted in prior to using the rollers. Cut-ins were also done along th
e ceiling joint and corners.

The rounded concrete support footing was left masked to be painted dark grey and as well as some of the original wall stenciling above the door.

We used a little over 1 gallon of the Pratt & Lambert "Brown-Sugar"paint to cover all 3 rooms.

Finishing touches in Room 1. The area below the brown will be painted light-grey once the second coat of brown is dry and can be masked safely.

The first coat is done