Painting IV

After we finished the second coat of grey, we were finally able to take most of the tape off (good thing because this was our 8th day on 8 day tape.) It was nice to get a good sense of what the finished rooms will look like. We have one more day of painting to do: the black stripe on top of the grey and around the "watchtower", and 2 more coats of red in the theatre. Before we open we will do a round of touch-ups and and some stenciled lettering where appropriate (the stencil above the doorway which is now uncovered is original from the Diefenbunker.)

Onto our last colour for walls "Red Carriage". The theatre will remain very dark, possibly lit only by an LCD screen. The broken grey going into the theatre room will hopefully look sharper once it is masked off and contoured in black, otherwise it may need to be re-designed, or supplemented with other graphics.