Panels V- Pressure Mounting to Substrate

We began mounting our printed/laminated panels to their gatorfoam substrates this afternoon. The first step was trimming the prints right to the edge. Take your time, straight cuts really count.

The backing was then peeled off of the top 1" or so, aligned and stuck onto the substrates with care. Our prints were made approx. 1/8" larger than the substrates, so we had a small amount of play on all sides.

Keep everything clean! Little bits can get embedded and leave bumps. The same machine laminates and mounts. Pressure mounting required no webbing, just an adjustment of the nip height for 1/2" gatorfoam (see previous diagrams for laminator anatomy).

In this photo the Gatorfoam with red painted edges is coming out of the rollers with the print adhered to the surface. I am holding the backing in my hands as the rollers pull the substrate through the machine and the backing is slowly left behind