Opening Night

German Ambassador Matthias Höpfner

Well, we opened on Tuesday and had a great time doing it. The turn out was excellent and we were so happy that so many friends, family, colleagues and museums represented. We drank some German beer and wine courtesy of the Diefenbunker, were pleased to listen to the interesting and kind words of German Ambassador Matthias Höpfner and Diefenbunker Director Alexandra Badzak, and even cleared our throats a little to thank all those who have helped us out over the past year and a half. Graham Iddon, photographer and fellow museum studies graduate documented the night nicely. Thanks to everyone who made it out to Carp for our opening!

Eric Espig - Exhibit: F

Grant Vogl - Exhibit:F

Alexandra Badzak, Director - Diefenbunker Museum
Dr. Dean Oliver, Director - Canadian War Museum, Research & Exhibits

Grant's father inspecting the first video interactive


Anonymous said...

So glad this was such a success!
I'm very sad I missed the big night, but have been sick as a mofo all week, so there was nothing I could do. Booh!

I'll definitely be stopping in to see the exhibit soon!