Here are some snapshots of the progress we have made in the past couple of weeks. We are currently beginning work on the two video interactives and acrylic mount-construction for artifacts. We have run into some unique problems over the past couple of weeks: dealing with customs and border agencies, transportation of large panels, and more and we have made some adjustments here and there (for the better hopefully) which we will document in the near future. Until then...


Erin said...

Hey Eric,

Your exhibit looks awesome!! You guys are doing some pretty amazing work. Do you have a budget allocated to you by the College? I'm going to have to come to see it.



Hungarian_G said...

Hey Erin, thanks for the comments.

The budget came from our initial project ideas and presentations to the board members of the 'bunker. Its actually quite the process because everything has to go through 3 channels to get paid for! Anyway, we made our case for the budget we thought we needed and we got it, so we are happy.

Everything is set to open on May 12th, and we hope that eventually everyone can come take a look and see what you can really get done if you are willing to put in the time.

Take care.


TheBorderline Personality said...

Thanks Erin! I will send you an invite when we get that stage, hopefully soon!