Cases III

In order to tie the cases with their surroundings, we have mimicked the black baseboard and stripe. Measurements were taken and marked onto cases using an adjustable square and pencil. Each area was then carefully masked and burnished to ensure a clean line.

Several cases will also incorporate other colours from the wall, such as the "Brown Sugar" tan . Make sure that all measuring and masking is done with care, as we had a few small touch-ups and mis-markings which had to be remedied.


Paul Orselli said...

Great idea to track your exhibit progress/process in your blog.

I'd be interested in how you determined choices for materials and finishes, and whether "green" alternatives were available and within your budget.

Hungarian_G said...

Thank you for the interest. We feel that the topic of DIY exhibtions is lacking on the net and want to not only document our process but give tips that we've picked up thorugh our own experiences.

As for green materials, we are using low VOC paints and reducing waste materials wherever possible. However, our budget and timeline leave us little choice on several issues (cases for instance were purchased second hand and re-finished).

Thanks again for your interest.