Mount Construction - I

Each and every one of our exhibition artifacts requires a custom mount, both to provide proper support and protection, and to work with our existing cases in a functional and aesthetic way.

We chose to work in acrylic and keep the mounts simple. Acrylic sheet was cut to size based on individual artifact needs, and bends were created using a heating element and wooden jig cut to 45 degrees. Additional supports are provided by mylar banding, the addition of support posts and shelves, and padded, and carved extruded polystyrene and muslin mounts.

Simple supports and common bends allowed for ease of production as all artifacts require a custom mount for display.

Custom carved mount for military cap. Construction of carved extruded polystyrene, unbleached polyester batten and unbleached muslin.

Mount and label examples.


A quick snap of what has been done so far. A mannequin is still required for the display of a military uniform, but this was a big step to put a check beside.

The interior of each case is lined with colourfast cotton muslin.

A quick mock-up of one of our case displays.


Anonymous said...

This is looking really great! I'm so blown away by all the work that goes into an exhibit like this!


TheBorderline Personality said...

Hehe, we were talking sbout that very issue today and how it motivates us to do this blog.

as Grant said: "conversations sometimes go like this - Oh you work in a museum? are you a tour guide? a curator?"

We love the work and we like to let people know what needs to happen before an exhibit can open.


Anonymous said...

I can see why you love it. It's really fascinating!