Panels II- Printing

Printing began this week. We don't want to give too much away just yet, but so far progress is good. Panels are being printed using Adobe Illustrator and the HP DesignJet 800PS. At approximately 1 minute per megabite (Post Script processing speed), we estimate a total printing time of around 33 hours. Luckily, most jobs can be set to run over night and on weekends. Keep checking back for more updates.


Anonymous said...

Is the floor in the museum a wood laminate? How did you go about chosing the colors for the walls?
This is a great help to others who are working in design and fabrication.
Susan in California

Hungarian_G said...

Hi there. Thanks for the comments!

The original plan for the exhibit was to install laminate flooring, however, fire code would not allow it.

Currently, the floor in the exhibit space in 1950s vinyl tiles, a mixed green/grey colour. The floors will be stripped, waxed and buffed to improve overall visual appeal, but they cannot be replaced because they are original (the building is also an artifact).

Colour choices came from a combination of trial and error, existing schemes (from flags, period photos etc.) and Eric's vision (he'd the exhibit designer). We also wanted to use the scheme to convey a feeling of being surrounded by "the wall", hence the waist-high grey with black stripe.

Thanks for your interest. I am glad that our work could give you some ideas for approaching a smaller exhibit. Take care and keep checking back for more updates.

Grant Vogl
Cold War Berlin